December 22, 2015

Our designs may be divided into two main categories

The first one applies to products the visual appearance and specific character of which are strictly defined by the customer.

This requires our designers to adjust to the customer’s concept. There is no space for our own ideas. The resulting product or element needs to meet the customer’s expectations down to the smallest detail.

The second category are designs which are open to some extent. The customer orders a design and (possibly) the execution of a specific product allowing us a certain freedom with regard to its appearance and details. Such projects allow our designers to spread their wings which results in modern and original products.

An order from the 2nd category includes designing a bicycle carrier mounted of the roof of a car from scratch. This holder will be sold in stores belonging to one of the largest chain of stores with car accessories in Poland. The customer wanted to obtain a product with a special design and premium quality of execution. Following his expectations, our designers introduced numerous innovations which distinguish this carrier from among many others available on the market. Their efforts were mostly focused on improving safety and convenience of use. The result was a product each element of which (including the pattern on the packaging and an intuitive instruction manual) was designed in KUFIETA.

You will find more about the further process of creating the bicycle carrier in sections:

  • Production of tools,
  • Mass production.

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